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PO Box 14576, Charleston, SC 29422

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Turn your book club, ladies' night

or birthday party into social action

Your generosity as a host is what makes
The Undergarment Society possible

  • Set a date, or attach "Party with a Purpose" to your book club, church group, birthday party, etc. We'll help with the invitations (and thank you notes!).

  • Invite as few or as many guests as you would like.

  • Ask your guests to bring new bras and packaged underwear of all sizes.

  • Elizabeth or Eliza can attend the event and give a brief presentation.  We keep the tone light-hearted, and we don't make any high-pressure pitches.

  • We will count the donation at the party so your guests feel a part of the process, and when the donation is made to one of our partners, we will share the pictures with you.

If you are interested in hosting a party or know someone who is, please contact us:


“I had the honor of hosting two Happy Hour Parties with A Purpose in Charleston, SC and in my home town of Lafayette, LA. Tragically SC is #1 in domestic violence deaths--LA is #2.

It was so much fun and easy to gather with beautiful generous hearts that want to help...that want to make a difference in some way. We brain stormed, we laughed, we ate and we had a few cocktails and did some good! Have your own Party with a Purpose and spread the love!”

 Renee, Facebook 

“This is a fantastic idea and way to help women in need—brilliant and amazing!”

Clare, Facebook

“What a wonderfully simple way to #dogood and to help those brave enough to escape and start over”

Michelle, Facebook

“I went to a party and loved it! We're all going to hang out with our friends; how amazing is it to unite as a friend group and accomplish something so needed and important along the way? Thanks for the opportunity!”

Hannah, Facebook