Turn your book club, ladies' night

or birthday party into social action

Your generosity as a host is what makes
The Undergarment Society possible

  • Set a date, or attach "Party with a Purpose" to your book club, church group, birthday party, etc. We'll help with the invitations (and thank you notes!).

  • Invite as few or as many guests as you would like.

  • Ask your guests to bring new bras and packaged underwear of all sizes.

  • Elizabeth or Eliza can attend the event and give a brief presentation.  We keep the tone light-hearted, and we don't make any high-pressure pitches.

  • We will count the donation at the party so your guests feel a part of the process, and when the donation is made to one of our partners, we will share the pictures with you.

If you are interested in hosting a party or know someone who is, please contact us:


“I had the honor of hosting two Happy Hour Parties with A Purpose in Charleston, SC and in my home town of Lafayette, LA. Tragically SC is #1 in domestic violence deaths--LA is #2.

It was so much fun and easy to gather with beautiful generous hearts that want to help...that want to make a difference in some way. We brain stormed, we laughed, we ate and we had a few cocktails and did some good! Have your own Party with a Purpose and spread the love!”

 Renee, Facebook 

“This is a fantastic idea and way to help women in need—brilliant and amazing!”

Clare, Facebook

“What a wonderfully simple way to #dogood and to help those brave enough to escape and start over”

Michelle, Facebook

“I went to a party and loved it! We're all going to hang out with our friends; how amazing is it to unite as a friend group and accomplish something so needed and important along the way? Thanks for the opportunity!”

Hannah, Facebook

Having hosted a "Party with a Purpose" for the Undergarment Society, I experienced first hand this organization's powerful mission and importance in our community.  It is unfortunate that there is such a critical need for this type of support, but the US approaches its cause with grace, instilling hope and empowerment in women who are facing domestic violence.  During each "party", US is educating the community on the needs of victims, critical statistics, and securing more and more necessary resources for those who are facing these terrible circumstances in life, and it's all delivered in a very low-pressure, easygoing style. 

Erica C. / Party Host

Thank you! Elizabeth or Eliza will be in touch with you soon.